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Do people still use stickers anymore?

Well not as many in the past but heaps of people still do like using stickers as a shout out show of support or as a form of self expression. Back in the 70s you could have seen stickers everywhere, on luggage, cars, chairs, desks, books, fridges, I mean they were everywhere! Its a bit of a retro novelty now though, bit like growing a beard or carrying a leather satchel.

These days though, we have the ability to take virtually anything that you see on a computer screen and print it in full colour in what ever shape. You can experiment with colour and shading for different effects like 3D. Or you can draw it, scan it and convert it to vector art and we’ll use that no worries.

We print the stickers in house and use the large, medium and small size guides to let you know the price and lead time. No minimum order quantity for these and you will be surprised at how affordable and quick and easy they are to order from us.

Just go here for a quick quote: brandedsmart.com.au/index.php/product/vinyl-stickers

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