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Promo Product fails

Ever wondered why some promotional products really boost a company’s brand but others bring it down to the point of ridicule.

Well some products really help the brand take off, with clever interactive visuals or perfect practicality.  Others just work because they bring something to the user and are relate-able for the prospective consumer. Whether its a promotional water bottle, promotional bottle openers, mug sets, personalised pens or custom vinyl stickers, find something that works for you. Even think about the type of product for instance, an aluminium water bottle may work better depending on your audience needs.

There are and always will be some pretty wrong marketing products out there, you just need to ask your supplier for some merchandise ideas. Try mixing up your promotional materials, start with something simple until you get comfortable and then branch out to something weird and wonderful. Always avoid the cheap, nasty and tacky side of promotional products, you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.