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Biggest blunder you didn’t know was affecting your business

We have seen this one first hand and its not pretty. Before coming to us one of our clients, a repeatable member of the technology retail industry, told us how they bought a whole heap of retractable ball point pens to give out at a tradeshow. They were fairly disappointed to hear that most of them fell apart pretty well instantly while at the show, showing off their wares. Needless to say i...
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What is a USB hub?

A usb hub is a central source which expands the amount of connectivity for PCs and laptops. In other words, if your computer only has 4 ports or usb connections, you can double the amount of connection points by plugging in a USB hub. For example, you can connect a printer, camera, phone, tablet, fax, modem and hardrive to the pc all together. The benefit of a USB hub is that you can unplug the...
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