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What is a USB hub?

A usb hub is a central source which expands the amount of connectivity for PCs and laptops. In other words, if your computer only has 4 ports or usb connections, you can double the amount of connection points by plugging in a USB hub. For example, you can connect a printer, camera, phone, tablet, fax, modem and hardrive to the pc all together.

The benefit of a USB hub is that you can unplug the device and all the associated equipment from the computer as one single connector. You can also get sharing hubs to link access for several pcs.

Usb hubs come in many shapes and forms, the ones we stock are compact 4 port hubs designed for moving around and come mainly as USB 2.0 interface, the usual full speed performance usb reader.

As a functional desk accessory, usb hubs make a great promotional product due to their portability, usability and they are constantly in view which means customers will view your printed logo on a usb hub on a daily basis.

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