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Biggest blunder you didn’t know was affecting your business

We have seen this one first hand and its not pretty.

Before coming to us one of our clients, a repeatable member of the technology retail industry, told us how they bought a whole heap of retractable ball point pens to give out at a tradeshow.

They were fairly disappointed to hear that most of them fell apart pretty well instantly while at the show, showing off their wares. Needless to say it didn’t reflect well on their business as customers no longer believed in the quality of any of their products and they suffered for awhile.

The point is, it is far better to invest in quality pieces that stand the test of time than to buy on the cheap and have these products thrown out when they break. What kind of business does your brand wish to represent after all?

Promotional products can make you stand out against competitors, be a constant reminder of your business and get you talked about.  Ultimately they represent your company so choose wisely.

PS the other thing they did wrong was purchase items not related to their field of expertise and so blended into the background.