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10 mistakes to avoid when buying promo products

Printyou went the cheap way

Ok yes everyone wants to save money and when it comes to marketing who wants to spend extra money on products that will be just given away. However, buying     cheap products that don’t work or look nasty only damages your brand. Effectively when they throw away a broken or ugly promo product, they are associating it’s poor quality with your brand. Buy only quality well know brands to ensure longevity and protect your image.

Printyou didn’t consider your brand image

It’s easy to get carried away with merchandise options but pairing your brand with a completely irrelevant promo product is not going to do you any good either. If there is no connection with a product and your brand image, don’t go there. Choose items that align with your business objectives and your industry.

Print you chose your fav products not your customers’

Again, when you have a myriad of promo products available to you, it is hard not to order the kind of things you like but if your audience isn’t as tech savvy or hipster as you it will be pointless to them. Watch out for stereotype orientated products and keep an open mind when considering your audience.

Printyou over complicated the design

Trying to fit a logo on a small product is always going to be a challenge but try to scale back on fitting everything onto it and it will look sharper. For instance, a client wanted to put a logo, web address and phone number onto a stylus pen. Try just a minimalist version of your logo rather than cramming everything on. The simple way can be very dramatic on promo gear and have a huge impact on its users.

Print you ordered online without talking to someone

Research the company a bit before ordering to find out their capabilities and quality of the products before ordering. Also find out their return policy, delivery terms and about any other fees included in the purchase. Having a good idea about the company and talking to someone about your order before purchasing can save you heaps.

Printyou didn’t give yourself enough time

Tradeshow is in 4 weeks, plenty of time right. Ah wrong i’m afraid. When it comes to ordering logo printed promo goods, it can take time finding suitable products and then they can take a few weeks/months to arrive. We can print local items and express deliver your order for you to save long lead times. This way you’ll have your item asap although we recommend giving yourself as much time as possible to save money and increase your options.

Printyou didn’t consider how it will be distributed

Great, your order of 3000 magnets just arrived, now what? Are they going to be used at a tradeshow, event, conference or mail out? It’s great to have them but now you need to find some way of getting them out to the right potential customers and this doesn’t include your sales rep throwing them out the car window on the way past. Consider the purpose of getting the items in the first place, was it part of a marketing campaign or launch? If so try to work in the product into the overall advertising, as a free gift, bonus offer or contact capture.

Printyou thought it was funny

You show the image reveal mug when filled shows a pic of a guy on the toilet and no toilet paper. You expect cackles of laughter.. you get crickets. Awkwardness like this can happen to any brand. Sometimes it works for the brand and they get a lot of great publicity from it. Just make sure you spend time planning the best way to appeal to the audience’s collective funny bone and find a product that supports the joke and preferably not tasteless or crude.

Printproducts for products sake

Sometimes promotional products don’t meet your expectations and just having them for no real reason is a waste of money, time, effort and storage. Decide first what you intend to do with the products once they arrive and avoid purchasing just because you think you need them. Use promotional products to excite your potential customers and team but don’t get distracted and remember why you bought them in the first place.

Printthe product is not what you wanted

Bob ordered what he thought was an LED torch suitable to store in a vehicle with his auto shop logo on it. What he got was 1000 small novelty children’s toys with his auto shop logo on it. He didn’t see the dimensions on the online store and of course no one confirmed when he ordered so he didn’t get what he wanted at all. That’s why we’ll contact you to confirm your order, just to give you as much info as possible and make sure you are 100% happy with the product before ordering.