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The Secret of a Successful logo

You probably already know what makes a decent logo and have probably seen a few good ones that you like.

You probably already know that it needs to be legible and identifiable.

But you probably don’t know what the secret to a good logo actually is.

  • Yes, it needs to be relevant to your brand and corporate identity
  • Yes, it needs to carry out your message of what your business is all about
  • Yes, it needs to be scalable work that holds its detail clearly
  • Yes, it needs to be reversed, mono, rectangular and square just to make your life easier

Those are handy to know although not the secret to a successful logo.

You want to attract a certain type of customer to your product and want to gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Every business wants to be a market leader right?

What is it about these businesses that shows that high level of professionalism that makes it a desirable company to purchase from, follow and discuss?

Believe it or not, it’s their company identity and the smallest part of that, its their logo that makes their brand.

The fact that it is memorable and a significant part of their individuality comes from it being a completely unique logo.

That is the secret, be original with your logo.

It is fine to like a style or elements of another logo but be true to your own brand and develop your own logo markers too.

You won’t do your brand or business any favours by trying copying others.

Yes, even if you make large differences to the name, font, shapes etc it is not going to be enough stand out and isn’t that the point?

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