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The Secret of a Successful logo

You probably already know what makes a decent logo and have probably seen a few good ones that you like. You probably already know that it needs to be legible and identifiable. But you probably don’t know what the secret to a good logo actually is. Yes, it needs to be relevant to your brand and corporate identity Yes, it needs to carry out your message of what your business is all ab...
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10 mistakes to avoid when buying promo products

you went the cheap way Ok yes everyone wants to save money and when it comes to marketing who wants to spend extra money on products that will be just given away. However, buying     cheap products that don't work or look nasty only damages your brand. Effectively when they throw away a broken or ugly promo product, they are associating it's poor quality with your brand. Buy only quality well kno...
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Tradeshow Pack Ideas

Tradeshow Pack Ideas During tradeshow season we know how busy things can get and organising promotional merchandise can be only a small part of the process. Here are some pack ideas, perfect if you don't know the type of promo products you want, you just want your logo printed on them. Each of the 3 items per pack can be printed with your company logo and you can choose the colour. These are just...
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Biggest blunder you didn’t know was affecting your business

We have seen this one first hand and its not pretty. Before coming to us one of our clients, a repeatable member of the technology retail industry, told us how they bought a whole heap of retractable ball point pens to give out at a tradeshow. They were fairly disappointed to hear that most of them fell apart pretty well instantly while at the show, showing off their wares. Needless to say i...
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What is a USB hub?

A usb hub is a central source which expands the amount of connectivity for PCs and laptops. In other words, if your computer only has 4 ports or usb connections, you can double the amount of connection points by plugging in a USB hub. For example, you can connect a printer, camera, phone, tablet, fax, modem and hardrive to the pc all together. The benefit of a USB hub is that you can unplug the...
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Promo Product fails

Promotional Product Fails
Ever wondered why some promotional products really boost a company's brand but others bring it down to the point of ridicule. Well some products really help the brand take off, with clever interactive visuals or perfect practicality.  Others just work because they bring something to the user and are relate-able for the prospective consumer. Whether its a promotional water bottle, promotional bo...
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Do people still use stickers anymore?

custom shape company stickers
Well not as many in the past but heaps of people still do like using stickers as a shout out show of support or as a form of self expression. Back in the 70s you could have seen stickers everywhere, on luggage, cars, chairs, desks, books, fridges, I mean they were everywhere! Its a bit of a retro novelty now though, bit like growing a beard or carrying a leather satchel. These days though, we h...
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